A Refereed Journal for Undergraduate Research in the Pure & Applied Sciences, Mathematics, Engineering, Technology, and Related Areas in Education

December 2012 and March 2013
Volume 11
Number 3 &4

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Editorial: After 10 Years: Returning to the International Connection C. C. Chancey
Measuring Potassium in Muscle Tissue Utilizing an Atomic Absorption Spectrometer Validation of an Adaptation for a Whole-body Potassium Counting Method Anthony R. Horner, Rose A. Clark, Stephen M. LoRusso, and Edward P. Zovinka

A Case Study on Developing a Classroom Web Application Using Behavior-Driven Develoment

Austin Vance and Trevor Cickovski
A Comparison of Skin Microbiota under Adhesive Bandages versus Uncovered Adjacent Skin Kendra Lemire, Felicia Maes, Marialis Ginart, Chris VanFleet, and Tim Braun
More on the Mathematics of the DLF Theory: Embedding of the Oscillator World L into Segal's Compact Cosmos D J. Y. Fend and A. V. Levichev
SAR and Pharmacophore Based Designing of Some Antimalarial and Antiretroviral Agents: An INTERNET Based Drug Design Approach Soumendranath Bhakat




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